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9.5 Mile Hike

As I said in my blog yesterday, today I am off on a hike, to try to help me burn off a few pounds gained from me allowing myself to be tempted by cake.

I thought it would add a little fun if I was to create a blog about the hike as I was walking, using the WordPress mobile app.

So I started out at 7.50am, and plan to follow a route I know well. I selected this route for a couple of reasons, I know there is public transport home if I get into problems, I know it will get me out of the house for over 3 hours, and given that it is the route my bus takes to work, I could even look at walking rather than taking the bus.

So the time now is 8.10am, it’s cold, windy and threatening to rain, I am dressed for the conditions, but when the ice cold wind hits you in the face, it still chill you to the bone.

8.30, I am currently walking through Riverside Park, and am at the point it crosses paths with the Itchen Navigation Path

The River Itchen

This is easily the most scenic part of my hike, and although I am tempted to change route and follow the river, I know I do not have the food or drink required for me to start making random route choices. Maybe that will be my next hike.

8.45, just had the unfortunate chance to see a badger, why unfortunate? Because the poor thing appears to have been hit by a car and lost its life. This is my 1st time seeing a badger in the flesh, and it is horrible to think that this magnificent animal has died in such a way.

9.10, I’ve made it to West End, the next village along will be Hedge End, half way from my start point to my planned end point. The decision now is do I turn around at Hedge End as planned and walk back the way I came, or do I turn left and walk back via Horton Heath & Fair Oak adding 2 miles to the hike?

9.25, I’m at Hedge End, and decided to be sensible and go back the way i came. This is what I planned for, and as it’s been a while since I last went on a hike, I need to stick to that plan.

9.50, walking back out of West End, the weather has gotten worse. It is now raining full on, and it’s ice cold as it hits my face. I have stopped along the way to eat some grilled chicken breast I brought with me, and am glad I made the decision to bring a flask of hot coffee (black, no sugar) with me, as well as water.

10.15, back at Riverside Park, this really is a beautiful place, and one I intend to hike through in the future, jus not today with all the mid and high River levels.

10.40, I’m now on the home straight, quite literally. The rain has become heavier, my feet are starting to hurt, and I am going to be so glad to get in and dry.

10.55, back at my start point, my feet are aching like mad, but I feel really invigorated and positive about what I have done this morning.

11.00, back in my house and getting in to some dry clothes, I really am happy with what I managed this morning, and feel confident that I will be able to repeat this again, gradually increasing the distance

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