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2 Days Until Pay Day

This really is the worst point in the month!

2 days until payday, and my bank balance is £0, thankfully I have everything I need to get through this evening and tomorrow, but hate having an empty bank account.

I am going to be so glad when I get my degree finished, and will be able to start looking for better money, either in my current company or somewhere else.

I am in the process of reducing a number of my bills, as its coming up to renewal time for most of them, but its going to take a couple of months to get them all sorted. Once that’s done I should have a fair bit more available each month,

With some luck my bosses will push the button a day early as they sometimes do, as it would be nice to be able to get a takeaway tomorrow when I get in from Cubs, but naturally I cant count on that, as payday is officially the last working day of each month (so Friday),

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