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7 Days

So it’s now been 7 days I have been blogging on this site, and it has been a bit different to anything I am used to.

I know my posts are a little on the random and unorganised side, but that is how it comes out of my head. And all my posts are done simply with me sat typing as the thoughts come to me, so really are a reflection of how my mind is working on the subject at hand.

I have seen way more visits to the site than I expected in such a short space of time, I was expecting it to take weeks to get more than a handful of visits, and I’m already seeing more than 800 visits, not much I know, but given my SEO is non-existent at the moment, and Im not liking to any social media sites, I think its outstanding.

I am really happy that people have started liking my posts, and even commenting, as this means people are liking what I am writing.

So where do I go from here? To start with I am making notes on things I want to blog about in the future, and will be trying to post at least a couple of times a week. I am going to start cleaning up the categories I have already, so they are grouped rather than just individual, which should make it easier for me to manage and use when posting. As for SEO… I do not intend to pay for this at all, I will see about learning a bit more about the modern methods used, and put in a little work on this, but to be honest being top of Google was never the idea here.

This blog is about me, my interests, my thoughts, and my struggles with life. It is not about making money, hence the lack of ads. Occasionally I might talk about a product I really like, this will just be me recommending a product because I genuinely like it.

My aim here is simply to give myself an outlet, where I can share parts of my life, in the hope it will be interesting to others.

Please do feel free to comment on my posts, I am always happy to hear from my readers. Please do ask questions, I am always happy to answer where I can.

I will be posting more tech stuff, more recipes, more about me battle with my weight, and whatever else I think of as I go long, and I hope people will enjoy what they are reading. I have now set it so anyone can comment, so long as they provide a screen name and email address (to avoid spam bots), and I hope this will encourage more of you to join in with the comments.

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