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A Lot Has Changed

So, its been a while since my last post, and with good reason.

In June I was asked, by my girlfriend, to move in with her and her kids, following a legal action to remove her soon to be ex-husband from the property, and allow her to return home with the kids from a womens refuge.

In this time I have been adjusting to life as a stepdad, and enjoying every bit of family life.

I really am glad of the decision I made to make this move, and as of yesterday, the tenancy on my old place is officially over, and this new life fully beginning.

As well as this, we have been working hard on risk assessments, to enable us to get scouting activities back up and running, following the COVID-19 shutdown. Our cub pack have now been meeting for 4 weeks, and as of last night. were allows to return back to meeting inside our hut.

I am planning to try to post a little more regularly again, and hope that I will also be able to share a little more of my family life with you all

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