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A Much Better Day

Following yesterdays little slip, which left me feeling really low, I woke up this morning determined to keep on track today.

Although I did go a few calories over my daily target, everything I had was healthy, and I am absolutely buzzing.

I know people will say that having a little cake wont hurt, but for me it impacts how I feel about myself. Don’t get me wrong, I do have treat days, and I do enjoy a Chinese or a a bit of chocolate or something along those lines. For me, I tend to weigh in on a Thursday evening before I eat, so I tend to do the treats after my weigh in.

I am hoping to have another good day tomorrow, and am feeling certain that, following today, I will be able to keep my willpower in check.

Following last weeks weight gain, I really do want to see at least a little of that gain lost again on Thursday. This will be helped by the fact Thursday is also Cubs night, and this week we are taking them on a short hike in the local woodland. Add that to the 20,000+ steps from Saturdays hike, and 10,000+ steps both yesterday and today, and it should make at least a little dent in the weight.

I know it may seem a little odd to some people to read a guy going on about weight issues, but for me it is something important, and does have a big impact not just on my physical health, but also my mental health.

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    Hannah S

    I feel for you, I really do. I know how hard it is to stick to a diet, and to try to avoid to office temptations. Well done to you, and I hope you manage to get to your target weight

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