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A Roller Coaster Couple of Weeks

So its been a pretty up and down week for me. Work has been busy an my diet has been chaotic.

Thankfully it was back to Scouting again following the half term break, and this involved me taking our Cubs for a hike through some local woods, which was muddy, and they loved it.

I have also been working on skilling myself up to run a sleep over for the Cubs, so they can earn their Digital Maker badge. This has meant buying a Micro:bit (to see my blog on this click HERE), and learning how to use it, as I will need to teach the Cubs. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t really need an excuse to buy a new tech toy. but this is really not the kind I would normally buy.

Yesterday I got a pile of bits delivered for Survival Kits I’m making for the Cubs for our Easter Camp, and spent a hour or 2 putting the kits together yesterday evening. There are still a couple of little bits to come, but once they are complete, I will get a blog made showing them off, as I think there may be other leaders out there who may be interested.

So once I got done with the kits, Claire came over, and we spent time cuddled up watching Final Destination and just chilling in each others arms. I don’t care who may think it sappy, but I’m never more relaxed than when I’m cuddled up with Claire.

The next week is going to be a busy one, tomorrow its inventory day at the Scout Hut, so there will be a bunch of leaders hauling everything out of the stores, checking the condition and then deciding what we need to replace. Monday is rehearsals for Spot On Productions, so I will be there watching and making notes for stage sets, props and cues. Tuesday is a district Scouts Planning meeting, where we will be deciding on what we are going to do at promotional events the district is taking part in this year. Ant Thursday is Cubs, so Wednesday will be preparing the activities for that.

On top of that I will be working 9 – 5.30 in the office, and I’m on call 24/7 for work until Friday morning, so its going to be crazy.

I will, of course, get a blog or 2 in when I can, as I have really been enjoying doing this, and if nothing else it has been a great way for me to get out whatever is rolling round in my head at the time.

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