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About Me

My name is Alan Gordon, and I am the owner of The Life Of Alan

Yep, thats's me!
Yep, that’s me!

I am pretty much your average guy, but decided it would be nice to be able to share a bit about my life with the world via The Life Of Alan.

So a little about me…. I am in my 40s never been married or had children. I have the most wonderful girlfriend in the entire world in Claire, who I love and adore like you wouldn’t believe.

Myself & Claire enjoying a day out at a local country park
Myself & Claire enjoying a day out at a local country park

Claire has 4 children, who all have their own little quirks, Jayden is the eldest, the twin girls Lilia and Felicity, and Riley is the youngest. I adore all of them, and love the time I get to spend with them.

These kids are awesome
These kids are awesome

I grew up in Norwich, England, but have lived in a number of places around the UK, including 6 years Lairg in the Scottish Highlands, which is a place I love more than any other on earth, Currently I am living just outside of Southampton, on the South Coast of England, and love the life I have built since moving here in 2015.

So why move here? Well this is where my best friend Ali and her family live, and I wanted to be closer to them. Her children Anna & Jacob are my God Children, and I hated that I couldn’t spend as much time as I wanted with them. So the breakup of the relationship I was in at the time provided the perfect opportunity to start over fresh and make the move.

Ali & her husband Kev
Ali & her husband Kev


I work as a Systems & Network Administrator for a Fintech company Technologi Worldwide Ltd. This job really is a dream job for me, building and helping with the management of web and data servers.

Outside of work I am studying towards a BSc (hons) in Computing & IT with Psychology as a 2nd subject.


I am also an Assistant Section Leader with the Wolf Pack Cubs at the 12th Eastleigh Scout Group

Myself giving a demonstration to the Cubs
Myself giving a demonstration to the Cubs

Alongside my role with the 12th Eastleigh, I am also District Section Leader (Cubs) for the Eastleigh District. This means I get to assist all the other Cub Leaders in the district and help the District Team in arranging events and activities for the young people we work with. This is something which makes me very proud. I have a dedicated page to all things Scouting HERE.


If all that wasn’t enough, I am also a Stage Manager for Spot On Productions. They are an amateur dramatics group, who put on a wide range of shows, with a cast of all ages. This means I get to setup the stage and manage the movement of scenery and stage blocks during shows. We have a great team of people helping out with this. When we get it right, the show looks great, if we get it wrong it can all fall apart quickly. Please have a look at my Am-Dram page for further details

Other Stuff

When I’m not doing anything else I love to attend rock/metal gigs. There is nothing better than seeing a band live, as much as I love listening to music anyway. Being at a live event provides an atmosphere that cant be matched

Why The Life Of Alan? Lets just say its my way of tipping my hat to my comedy heroes, and one of the funniest films ever made.