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And Thats A 2.25lb Gain

Yeps, this week has been a bad weigh-in week.

Since the beginning of January I have been steadily seeing weight come off every week. Last week I maintained, which I wasn’t happy with but accepted, as there wasn’t a gain. This week I am not happy, I have gained 2.25lbs.

Am I looking to find someone, or something to blame, NO! I know this is down to 2 things, my lack of will power and an increase in the amount of home baked cakes at work. I know this has been my downfall, and I accept that this is my fault for not staying strong and keeping on plan.

My plan is simple, drop 2lbs per week via a combination of diet and as much exercise as I can fit in. I have been using an app from, which I have used successfully in the past to help me track diet, while also getting a feed of my activity imported into the app via Samsung Health and Google Fit.

I know I will have a short hike on Thursday evening with my cubs, as we will be going through local woodland. However I feel I need to get a little more substantial hike in before this. My plan at the moment is to attempt an 11 mile hike tomorrow, this may not be a massive distance, but, on a diet of 1800 calories, it will have an impact.

To say that I am disappointed with myself is an understatement, but I fully intend to take back the control I had, and get my weight loss back on track. I am going to see if I can find some form of hunger suppressant that I can use at work between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner, as I feel this will help. After all, if I don’t feel hungry, I will be less likely to snack.

If you are reading this and know of something that has helped you, please feel free to add a comment letting me know, I am open to all suggestions at this point, as I really do want to get down to my target weight ASAP.

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