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Back to Being Busy

Ok, so I am officially back to being busy again!

Alongside work and family life, I also have my Cub Pack, as well as my Scouting Group and District duties to attend to, and the last year of my Uni Degree, and if that wasn’t enough, the Theatre group are not only rehearsing for Little Shop of Horrors, but also staging a Christmas Concert, and rehearsing for auditions to appear on stage at Disney Land.

Now dont think Im complaining, as I so am not, I love to being busy, and have really missed it this year. Work is getting busier, so more projects to get involved in, as well as much more pivotal projects for the future of the company.

The Scout Group are having their AGM tomorrow evening, as social distancing must be observed, it has fallen on me and my technical know how, to get a Zoom meeting setup, and promote the meeting online. My answer was to add the ability for the Scout Group website to post any new post to the group Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts, as well as setting up a new YouTube account to then upload and stream the recording of the meeting from, via all our media outlets.

I will look to add some guides later into how to automate WordPress, so any new post is then also posted to social media, as I’m sure there are many like me out there, who like the idea, but have little know-how with WordPress to make it happen.

As for Uni, my 1st assignment of the year is due at the beginning of December, so loads of time to read up and get ready.

If the year keeps going like this, I can see it being fun to the last

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