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Here We Go Again

So……. just as life seems to be getting back to something resembling normal, it looks likely that the UK will be going back into full lockdown again.

Personally I am wanting it to be delayed until after the 9th November, as I don’t want the Scouts remembrance parade to be cancelled. Ok its not going to be a full parade this year, just a single leader from each section with a single flag bearer, which I will be videoing and posting out to the group website. But this is a tradition that has always been, and now, more than ever, I think it is important to remember those who lost their lives defending our country.

If the last lockdown done anything for me, it was to reignite my creative streak, and desire to keep busy, not that it would be an issue now, in the midst of family life, but I have been enjoying keeping the creativity flowing when I can. The current project I am focused on is providing recorded “virtual” events for our scout group, allowing us to preserve our traditions, whilst keeping everyone safe. and this week I have a bonfire night and remembrance parade to film, edit and publish.

I know many areas of the UK are already back in lockdown, including Nottinghamshire, where my Mum lives, but it does seem people are not following guidance nearly as well this time around, and the problem continues to get worse by the day.

On a more positive note, I have just had my new video camera delivered, so will be aiming to produce a few how-to videos and maybe even the odd vlog for this site (an idea I have toyed with for a while), which will be fun to do, especially if I can get the kids to be calm enough to join in, and not be silly.

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