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In This Moment – The In-Between

So “The In-Between” is the latest single from In This Moment, and I have only just gotten round to seeing the video, since it was released on 22nd January 2020.

I am a massive fan of In This Moment, I have all their albums to date, and have seen them live. I have loved everything they have done so far, so the expectation is high on this. The In-Between is the 1st single from the long awaited new album Mother, which is due to be released on 27th march 2020.

So this video starts off in true In This Moment style, a little enigmatic, Maria Brink looking surrounded by the Blood Girls. The tempo is slow and the music quite melodic throughout the first verse, leaving you anticipating the chorus and inevitable kick in of heaviness. This is a formula every In This Moment fan has become familiar with now, when it starts calm, the storm soon follows, and this track doesn’t disappoint from this stand point.

However the track its self feels all a little last minute, referencing in its lyrics past favourites such as Blood, Whore, Sick Like Me and Beautiful Tragedy.

I have watched the video several times this evening, and listened to the track on repeat for a while at work this afternoon, and have to say this one is a slow grower. This is not a situation I am used to with this band, I normally hear their new music and instantly love them, this one has taken some effort to like.

After a few times watching the video, I kinda get the angle that they are going for, and feel it lends its self more to the last album Ritual.

The music its self is really catchy, as expected, a great guitar riff running throughout, and drums driving the track on. I love nothing better in a track than a great guitar riff, and this is something that In This Moment always deliver on.

I am still looking forward to hearing the rest of the new album, although I do feel a little meh about this track.

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