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Lockdown mk.2

And so the UK is back in lockdown once again, and all because a few morons couldn’t manage to go without partying.

Personally I dont think the 1st lockdown should have been lifted as soon as it was, but I can understand that to the government, pacifying their rich members, by allowing them to get back to business as usual, is more important than saving lives.

If a single, clear, message had been given on day one of the first lockdown, I feel the nation would have been much more accepting. However, what we got was confusing double edged instructions, which, for most, were confusing and impossible to fully understand.

We need 1 single straight message, not you must stay home unless you need to go to work, or to the shops, or to exercise. Our educational system is able to adapt to learning from home, in a time where technology has become ubiquitous in our homes and childrens lives, so I cant understand the whole thing of not mixing households to stop the spread, but kids must mix at school.

Dont get me wrong, I dont envy Boris the job he has had, and dont think anyone could have done it better given what was there to work with, but there should have been more focus from past governments on preparing for what they all knew was possible, especially in the wake of SARS. Add to that the hellish mess, that is Brexit, that was made by our previous PM, and he really has had a shit time of it.

I know people are worried about their incomes, but personally, I think that just goes to show all that is wrong with this world. Money rules everything.

Now what people need to start remembering is that money isn’t real, it is a concept invented by man, as a way of bartering with a baseline currency, rather than 6 carrots being equal to 2 eggs, which were equal to half a tomato, which was worth 1 fish (I know not necessarily accurate, but illustrates the point). Money is a myth of our own invention, but seems to be more valuable than life or well-being of our communities.

I really do think it is time that the human race as a whole stopped to take stock of what is really important in life, and then we might be in a better place to eradicate this horrible virus, and get back to normal

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