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My Home Away From Home

Ok, so as I have already stated in a previous post, I love camping.

For me getting back to nature and away from the hustle and bustle of the town is a great way to unwind.

Of course the important this with camping is getting the perfect tent, and for me that needs to be one that is light and compact to carry. Why this stipulation? Well, I tend to hike a lot, and need my tent to be able to be easily carried on a rucksack, so size and weight play a massive part.

Now over the years I have owned many tents, but none compare to my current one. My tent is an LESHP Automatic 3 Person Tent (available from Amazon). Not only does this tent easily attach to my rucksack, but weighs only 3.3Kg, making it perfect for what I want. Add to that it cost just £48.99, and can be put up in under 1 minute, and you have the perfect tent for hiking.

Now I know you are thinking up in under 1 minute? and only £48.99? how good can it be? Well, lets start with the fact that this genuinely can be put up in under a minute, which means it is great if the weather turns nasty. This is not a popup tent per say, but more an assembled, fold away dome tent, with carbon fibre poles in place, built in ground sheet, and detachable outer weather fly cover. The door have insect netting windows, as do the sides under the weather fly, meaning it is well ventilated, and does not suffer from dampness on the inside.

The big shock for me, was also a big relief on my first time of using it, it will withstand torrential downpours and winds of up to 30 mph (possibly more, but I’ve note used it in anything stronger). I quite literally got to my camp site for the night, popped the tent up, put my ruck sack inside and pegged it out in under a minute, and just as the rain started to get heavy.

On this occasion I was using a self inflating airbed (hence the electric hookup), which at 2ft high was a little much for the sides of the tent, however I stayed dry. Since the 1st use I have gone to a standard double airbed, and find it is a much better fit, and allows much more space around the edges, so much so, myself and my other half quite happily get all the kit we need in this for a weekend camp.

So now the important part…. I got this tent in June 2017 and camped in it twice that year, it also had 2 camps in 2018, 4 camps in 2019 (including 1 at -3c) and it is still in great shape for use this year. This really is the best value tent I have ever had.

Given that the sites I’ve used it at range from manicured fields to rough woodland, I really am impressed with just how rugged it is, and highly recommend it for hikes, festivals, and general camping.

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