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Semblant – What Lies Ahead

So for those who don’t know me, one of my favourite ways to pass time is to hunt for new bands and artists to listen to. No I have a massive thing for metal, especially female fronted metal acts. So there I was crawling through my recommended list on Youtube Music, and there is a band called Semblant, who I’ve not heard of, listed as Metal, and looked female fronted, top marks to Youtube Music so far. The song recommended is called What Lies Ahead, so I thought I’ll give it a listen. Being Youtube Music, naturally they have links to the videos, so jackpot, I get to see their style as well.

So I watch and listen, loving every second. Mizuho Lin has a beautiful voice, as well as a gothic look (another plus for me). Her voice is strong and powerful, and with my eyes closed, her voice reminds me very much of Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil, one of my all time fave bands.

Mizuho Lins clean melodic lyrics are contrasted by the harsh screams of
Sergio Mazul, who also seems capable of holding a melody between screams.

This track has it all for me, with an awesome guitar solo, and machine gun drumming. I was truly sucked into this song from start to finish, and have now listened to it at least 6 times.

So who are Semblant? exactly what I wanted to know having never heard of them. So I turned to my old friend Google for the answers, and found precious little, even Wikipedia came up rather low on information. Aside from now knowing they are from Brazil, who the band members are and their discography, there is little further that I could see about them.

I have listened to a few more tracks from them, and have to say I am quite enjoying what I’m hearing, and will be continuing to listen to the I am sure.

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