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Seriously Weak Willed

So again today one of my colleagues brought in home baked cakes, and again I couldn’t resist getting stuck in.

I really feel I have let myself down once again.

I made sure I had a pot of instant porridge for breakfast, and a healthy meal for lunch, so I wouldn’t be tempted to go to the shop or get junk food from the take aways, and then all determined that I was going to stay on track today, stumbled within an hour of being in the office.

Unfortunately my go to comfort has always been food, so feeling bad from eating the cake just made me want to eat more.

I need to get a grip, and get some willpower. I am so sick of being over weight, and really want to get myself back down to a healthy weight, but seem to be failing at every temptation over the last 2 weeks.

I really do need to find something that will help me to feel full between meals, so I won’t be so tempted to snack.

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