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Trying Times

So I have been a bit lax with my posts over the last couple of months, and for that I am sorry.

I, like most people around the world, have been on lockdown. This has meant for the most part being stuck in 1 room, where I have been working, living and sleeping (the joys of living in a shared house). And given that I work in IT, in a Fintech company, who have had everyone working from home, things have been hectic.

On top of this, Claire, my girlfriend went into lockdown with her kids, and their father, who has a history of abusing her. Now for the first couple of weeks all seemed OK, and he was behaving, unfortunately this didn’t last. As of the 30th April, Claire and her 4 children have been in a women’s refuge, following mental and emotional abuse to Claire, as well as physical and mental abuse to her twin 7 year old girls, ranging from dragging them up stairs by their arms and barricading them in their room, to splitting both lips and busting open the nose of 1 of the girls.

I have been doing all I can to help, running errands and getting shopping and clothes for them, and going to meet them each evening when I finish work. This has been a stressful time for Claire, and I am worried about her greatly.

Due to the dreaded virus all of my other activities have also had to be cancelled, with the theatre closed the am-dram group are unable to run our show this week as planned, over Easter we were supposed to be running a 3 night camp with the cubs, but the Scout Association closed all face to face scouting activities.

Its kinda feeling like everything we have worked so hard for has been for nothing.

On the plus side, I am currently getting to spend more time with Claire and the kids than I was during the first part of the lockdown, and getting much more regular call time with them when I cant be with them in person.

Also through the refuge, Claire is in the process of getting an occupation order placed on her home, to force the kids dad out and remove him from the tenancy. This in turn will allow me to spend much more time with Claire and the kids than I was able to before.

I am trying to keep my mind on positive things, and the good that is going to come from the bad that has happened. I cant thank my line manager enough for the support he has given, or my best friend Ali and her children, who rallied round and put together a massive bag full of games, toys and books for Claire’s kids. I really do feel blessed to have such good people in my life.

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