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Vaping & E-cigarettes

I quit smoking on 31st August 2012, and started a journey that would not just improve my health, but give me a new hobby, vaping & e-cigarettes.

No when I say hobby, I don’t mean puffing my vape became the hobby. I am referring to the more technical side of it. From the type of device to the type of coil, and mix of liquid, I have experimented with them all,

My Current “daily driver” is the Smok Alien mod paired with a Uwell Fancier RBT/RBA (as seen below)

Smok Alien mod paired with a Uwell Fancier RBT/RBA

What makes this a good combination? Quite simply the instant power output of the Alien matched with the constant flow of liquid provided by the Fancier is perfect for my taster.

Yes I know the Alien is now somewhat outdated. And I know that inverted wick tanks can be a pain. However, getting the flavour I love from an RBA with a tank attached makes things convenient. I have used other Smok devices, such as the Majesty and XPriv, but they had a delay in firing which annoyed me. Whereas the Alien just fires when I press the button.

Some of you may suggest that this is a fluke, and I wouldn’t get another Alien to do this. Well I can and have, as I liked both the device and tank so much, I own 2 of each.

Custom Devices

Over the years I have built custom devices for myself and others. My favourite was my Coffin Mod, built just after I started vaping (see below)

Custom Built Coffin Mod - vaping e-cigarettes

This device was built on a variable voltage board, allowing power to be controlled. The atomiser in the picture is an old 510 1.8ohm dripping atomiser. This type were designed back in the days of the cig-a-like, and vanished about the same time that Ego devices appeared.

Vaping & E-cigarettes Liquids

Sometimes known as juice, liquids are the key to the popularity of vaping e-cigarettes. Without the numerous flavours available, vaping would never have caught on, or helped so many people to quit smoking.

The base of the liquid is quite simple, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, Nicotine and Flavouring. Varying the rations of these ingredients will allow users to find the perfect match for their palette. With everything from tobacco to lemon meringue pie, and everything you can think of in between (including bacon), there really is a flavour for everyone.

Mixing liquids can be done much more cheaply than most people realise. To make 1.25L of base liquid, it costs less than £35. Flavourings can be purchased as cheaply as £15 for 30ml, and a good flavour requires as little as 5% flavour to base liquid. This makes it possible to make 50ml of liquid for under £3. The average vaper goes through between 50ml and 100ml of liquid a week, making vaping not only 95% safer, but also a lot cheaper than smoking cigarettes.