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What A Weekend!

This really has been a great weekend. Saturday, we were all up early, and off to Poultins Park with the kids. This was supposed to be a County Beaver Scout event, but due to COVID-19, it was cancelled. So we Decided to take the kids anyway, and it was a great day, the weather held out nicely, and everyone had loads of fun.

When we got back, the girls went to their dads for the night, and the boys went to Claires mums, giving us our 1st night alone since she was in the refuge. Not to mention, the 1st nigh I have been able to sleep naked, and not worry about a little person crawling into bed next to us.

Sunday was spent unpacking boxes of my stuff, and it felt great to be moving the last of my stuff to where it needed to be. Ok a lot still needs to be put away, but at least it is in the right place

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